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Website Usability is a writing service company that offers various writing services to students at different academic levels. Their services include essay writing, research proposals, theses, dissertations, lab reports, and term papers.

The purpose of this review is to acquaint you with their services, pricing, discounts, and quality level.

To get in-depth information about the company, we used various approaches. First, we conducted a thorough search online to discover their clients’ reviews. Unfortunately, 80% of the reviews were negative.

Although they are negatively reviewed on other sites, we established that the company has many positive reviews on its official websites. To verify whether their positive reviews were legitimate, we posed as clients looking for a writing service. What we found out justifies their negative reviews.

Here is an overview of our reviews.

Services Overview

To determine the nature of their services, first, we contacted them to determine how fast they responded to our phone calls or text messages. We call them during working and non-working hours. Unfortunately, all our phone calls went unanswered. This is contrary to their promise of operating 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We didn’t stop there. We sent them an email inquiring about their services. This was even worse; it took a whole week to reply to our emails.

As opposed to other writing companies, at, clients are allowed to select their preferred writers. Since it was our first time, we found it tricky since we didn’t know these writers. Such writers are not obligated to deliver quality services because they don’t report directly to the company.

Besides, has not provided detailed information on the kind of services they offer. For instance, they have listed essays, theses, and dissertations as their services. This leaves one to wonder whether they do lab reports and term papers! This will waste clients’ time in searching for the missing information.

Prices Overview

Regarding pricing, there also is scanty information on the company’s website. For instance, they have only displayed the per-page cost for writing, editing, and proofreading. Here is their price list.

Writingfrom $ 17.55 per page
Editingfrom $11.7 per page
Proofreadingfrom $9.96 per page

The above price list isn’t clear whether it is for what level of study. If it is your first time seeking their services, you will have to struggle to get the information.

After inquiring, we found that their price is based on academic level and deadline option. Upon analysis, we discovered that their services are overpriced despite indicating a small starting price. For instance, for a master’s project, you will pay around $32.2 per page if you want it delivered between 9 to 10 days. This price is a bit higher compared to other writing services.

Discounts Overview

Their discounts are dependent on the number of pages written for you. Surprisingly, their rates of discount are lower than other companies with similar services. Additionally, to get a 5% off, your project must be 25+ pages.

Here is a list of their discounts.

25+ pages5% off
50+ pages10% off
100+ pages15% off

Because the average number of pages for an essay is between 5 to 15 pages, clients with such projects are excluded from getting discounts. This implies that their deals are only applicable to dissertations or theses.

Unlike other writing services, doesn’t offer discounts based on returning customers. This isn’t very encouraging, and it may not attract repeat clients.

Quality Level

Even though they have numerous positive reviews on their site, their service quality is wanting. Based on our experience, we discovered that the company isn’t what it claims to be. Here is why their quality of service is low.

Although they guarantee plagiarism-free papers, that is not what happens on the ground. There are so many online complaints regarding their plagiarized documents, so their quality is lowly rated.

Additionally, we had a bad experience when they failed to deliver our essay on time. To complicate the matter, they were reluctant to communicate with us. After persisting, they delivered the paper three days past the stipulated time. Unfortunately, they gave no justification or apology for the delay.


Our experience with is a nasty one. Right from the start, their services were terrible. They claim to be available 24/7, but they can’t answer a phone call or reply to a text message on time.

Besides, we were disappointed with their writing skills. They boast of having native writers, but they deliver documents with grammar errors. Our essay had many typos, which made us doubt their editors’ competencies.

To make it worse, their pricing is not transparent. The low starting prices on their website apply only to high school students. If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate scholar, you will have to pay more for their services than other writing companies. We are unhappy with their service quality, and we won’t recommend them!

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