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Less than an hour through this Samedayessay review research, we realized an important thing. is one of several websites that are created by a single company. How do we know? We know this because this site shares the exact same pricing list (even with the mixed up parts), order form, as well as many design features with websites like and

This is not good news. It means that there’s a scam company out there creating several websites to trick more customers to buy. The worst part about it is that the other sites gained very poor rating from us. In fact, almost all Samedayessay reviews we read online had the same bad information as the other websites. 

By the end of this Samedayessay review, we realized that the company pretty much offers the same things. Keep reading to find out the outcome of our order.

Samedayessay Services Overview 

The list of services at Same Day Essay is one of the reasons why we suspected that this is the same company as the others. It is exactly the same. Thankfully, it’s one of the things that we liked in these services. The list is grand and contains every academic piece that comes to mind. Just like the others, Samedayessay also offers resume and CV services, which makes it more than just a student service. 

Same day essay Prices and payment methods

By this part of the Samedayessay review, we realized that this is indeed the same service as Grademiners. It has exactly the same price table and rates for papers. The prices here also begin at $14.03 for a 20 day deadline and go up to $46.22 per page for a 3-day deadline. These prices apply to most papers like essays and research projects. Papers like dissertations costs slightly more. 

The reason why the company has the name is that they have several deadline options for papers to be delivered a few hours after you order them. Because of the name, we were prompted to order a paper to be delivered on the same day – 12 hours later. Imagine this – they delayed the delivery!

Quality level and Guarantees 

Unfortunately, it is the quality that has ruined the reputation of Same Day Essay, and very much so, we must say. All those unhappy comments from other students were reflected in our experience, too. The paper came later, which dismissed the point of the name of this company. Their guarantees obviously don’t cover delays even though they claim to always send their papers on time. 

Not only was the Samedayessay paper delayed, but it came in a very poor condition, too. Forget about formatting when you order from this company. The writer didn’t even bother to mark down the sources he used for the research. There wasn’t a bibliography and a lot of the paper was copied from another source. We found it instantly and as it turns out, the writer didn’t even bother to check more than one source to write it. 

When you have such an experience, the next step is to reach out to the agents that work for the support service and ask them to take action. In our case, they didn’t. They said that we won’t get a refund and that if we want a revision, we have to wait for 5 days because they are ‘extra busy’. Students don’t have the luxury of waiting 5 days. After all, they have deadlines, too. 

Discounts Policy Overview 

With the Samedayessay promo code First 15, you get 15% off on the first order. The rates here are affordable and get better with this discount. Then, 10% of your initial order goes as a bonus to use on other orders, and so on. It’s a bit of a strange system, but at least they have a legit loyalty program. 

Other features 

If you have read our reviews of the other similar websites, you already know that this company has features that allow you to pay extra for a better writer, pay for a VIP service, etc. We actually paid the price for their top writer which cost us $4.45 per page. It wasn’t cheap at all and it didn’t work in the end.

Summary for the Samedayessay Review

Samedayessay is a company with repetitive failures and they don’t take action to fix their reputation. Instead, the creator seems to make new websites to attract more customers. They have nice prices and a fine loyalty program, but their paper quality is often worse than average. Not to mention, their agents never hand out refunds, not even when they miss your deadline.


  1. Same day essay is a scam company which delivers poor-quality papers. My essay was written by someone who don’t know anything in the subject.

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