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Is it possible to get my homework done by someone else? Of course, with the services like Paymetodoyourhomework, you can get help with it. Yet, not all services can provide you with excellent quality paper, so you need to make a thoughtful decision, and we can help you with that.

As the first impression, the website looks nice, but friendly websites are not always good in terms of quality. The company doesn’t have many reviews online, and most of them are negative. Nevertheless, since they are only starting to conquer the market, we decided to check if they are worth your attention or not. So, here is our review of this writing team, from which you will learn more about their services, prices, discounts, and quality of writing they can supply you with. 

Services Overview 

Literally, when we decided to visit the Pay me to do your homework service page, we got lost. The team created a messy page with the services they offer. After scrolling up and down, we found that they shared the types of services they provide and all the subjects they might cover. So, here are services you can get from this team: 

  • Writing. It includes essays and writing assignments. 
  • Exams, quizzes, and tests help.
  • Tasks like lab reports or programming help.  
  • Full courses completion. 
  • Completing online courses. 
  • Help in obtaining a degree. 

As we see, this team is much focused not on helping with papers but on completing the study. But the disadvantage of such a method is that the student won’t get the desired knowledge. And we all are going to college, university or sign up for a course to get a piece of knowledge and use it in our future career. 

Prices Overview 

To learn the price for your task you need to contact the company first. However, to understand how much they charge on average, you need to visit their pricing page. Here you can find the average cost of their service: 

  • Essays and other papers start at $29 per page. 
  • Homework help starts at $29 per page. 
  • Projects like programming help at $99 per project. 
  • Full classes at $99 per week (you are paying someone to attend them instead of you).
  • Test and quizzes at $49 per test.
  • Final exams at $119 per final. 

It looks expensive considering that you don’t know the deadline. Moreover, it doesn’t look like genuine academic help. You are paying someone to do everything for you while paying for the course you need. 

Discounts Overview doesn’t offer any discounts or free extras to its customers. They don’t have coupons or loyalty programs, or even bonuses you can use to pay for the service. The price is provided via email or by phone and is not negotiable. 

You will always pay full no matter what kind of service you ordered and how much help you need with your classes. Trustworthy companies usually provide discounts and free extras to all their customers, but these guys do not look like genuine companies, so you cannot expect them to provide you with good service. Let’s see what the quality of writing they can offer is. 

Quality Level 

Not looking at all the disadvantages we found on this website, we decided to check the quality level of their essays. We chose an easy to write topic devoted to child obesity and asked for a quote. Our deadline was a week, so we expected that the price would be about $29 per page. The representative replied quickly and stated that they would charge $40 per page, which is expensive. Still, we wanted to check them, so we placed an order. 

The paper came to our box one day before the deadline, and at first glance, it was nice. However, when we started to check it with some tools, we found signs of plagiarism in it. Moreover, some grammar mistakes made us conclude that a non-native speaker wrote the paper. Additionally, it was not formatted correctly. 


In our Review, we learned more about this strange service. And we cannot recommend it to the students looking for writing help:

  1. They are too expensive compared to other professional teams we reviewed before.
  2. They do not have discounts or a loyalty program to roll into.
  3. The quality of writing for such a high price could be better. 

We want to emphasize that it is not worth trusting all your tasks to the writing service since you are getting an education and academic writing companies are intended to help you with writing and not go through the whole course you are paying for. If you need writing help, there are a lot of affordable and trusted companies online. 

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