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First View 

Papernow looks like a trustworthy service. They promote cheap prices all over the pages, making student certain that they found a great and cheap service. But, we never rush into making these important decisions, especially not when a service has inexplicably low prices. In our experience, companies with prices below $10 per page, which is what is, never turn out to be of good quality. So, we did our research. To learn what we found, read our Papernow review below.

Papernow Services Overview 

By the end, you’ll learn that the service list is one of the few positive things that came from our Papernow review research. We checked the big list and there’s basically no service being left out of the list of offers here. They have all essay types, papers in different subjects, admission papers, dissertations and chapters, and all kinds of projects, reviews, and reports. It’s basically all that a student can ask for starting from high school and ending with his PhD degree. 

Prices and payment methods overview 

We opened the pricing table a few times before writing this Papernow review hoping that it’s a bug, but there’s something seriously wrong with the design of this page. You’ll see many numbers without deadline options, but when you scroll below – the actual list appears. They’ve probably done something wrong with it, so make sure to check only the prices with deadlines attached to them. 

This part would be a student’s favourite but in our case, it was the most alarming part of our review. We have reviewed cheap services, but not as cheap as this one! All our reviews with low-priced companies ended up disasters so by the time that we received our paper, we were literally prepared for bad content. 

Why do we say this?

We say it because the company has gone overboard with making their papers cheap. Their rates go below $9 without even adding the discounts. The cheapest quote in that messy list is $8.77 per page. The top-rated companies we have received good content from have at least double this quote as their lowest price, often even triple. 

Since the prices are unbelievable, we checked the order form too believing that it might be a mistake due to the mixed-up pricing table. But, it isn’t. Papernow actually charges $8.77 per page for high school essays, $5 for editing, and less than $20 per page for PhD students’ papers. 

Quality level and Guarantees 

No one could have prepared us for the disaster that was the paper we received from Papernow. This was pretty much the worst experience with a service we have had. They did every part wrong. They delayed the delivery for an entire day. If a student has a paper due that same day, this would pretty much ruin their grade and still cost him money, regardless of how low the prices are. 

Not that it would matter if they met the deadline in the first place because the paper was an absolute failure. The writer started with the topic we requested and moved on to writing something entirely else. He missed the entire point. 

This writer was obviously not attentive, but also not native or fluent in English. The paper was so badly written, there was no way of fixing it. On top of it all, it had 35% plagiarism when we used the scanner. Everything that could have gone wrong with it – they did it. 

Forget about the guarantees that are listed on the website. Yes, that makes them a scam, but you definitely should not rely on them. Despite having all bases for a refund, apologies, and all kinds of revisions – we never got any of this. They just ignored our requests. Discounts Policy Overview 

There’s no loyalty program here, as you would expect from a service with these rates. What would the prices become if they had the common 15% loyalty discount?

Well, to our surprise, they do have a welcome discount. For those rates, it’s a very generous and unexpected one, too. They reduced our quote by 10%, which made it extremely low priced.

Other features of Paper Now

The worst thing was that we paid for a premium writer at Paper Now. It cost so little, it would be a shame to miss out on it. One of their top writer costs $3 and a premium writer costs a bit over $7 for a paper. Still, our efforts didn’t result in a better paper.

Summary for the Review 

Paper now offers endless services and makes grand promises. But, don’t trust them just yet. You should know that this extremely cheap company works with really unreliable writers. To make things worse, they don’t take action if things go wrong with your order, not even if it’s delayed, plagiarized, or really, really bad.


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