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For a service to be top-ranked, they need to have excellent reputation with people they sell services to. You will get that impression by reading testimonials on the Masterpapers website. In fact, we could easily notice that the service has published every Masterspapers review in the testimonials page and left out anything that would even resemble slightly bad experience.

This is unrealistic since no company can make every customer happy. But, that’s not the biggest problem. The problem is that if you take some time to check the actual reputation, you’ll realize that this is not a top-rated service. Far from it – almost every review on the Web is from customers who were unhappy with the service. 

Presenting fake information is common with writing services, but catching them in a lie only prompted us to do our Masterpapers review research even more. Read this review to find out the details.

Masterpapers Services Overview 

One thing is sure good about this Masterpapers review – the service list of the company. They offer everything to everyone, including resume products for people who need to land a job. When we saw their list, we realized that Masterpapers moved forward from just helping out students. In their list you can find cover letters, resume writing and editing, business plans, marketing plans, etc. 

Of course, they also have the student papers available to order. These include the essay kinds (all of them), dissertation papers, theses and research papers, etc. 

Prices and payment methods overview 

Masterpapers is considerably well-priced. It seems cheaper at first, but you should make note that their lowest rate applies to a 20-day deadline for high school students, which is not very likely to occur. Still, rates are quite fair for buying custom content online. 

For example, a 10-days high school paper at Master Papers costs $17 per page. A PhD paper costs $28.03 per page for this deadline. Add the discounts to these rates and they become more affordable. 

To pay for a paper here, you can use all major credit cards. They don’t have e-wallets or other methods available, which may be considered a downside with new customers who want to add an extra layer of security to their payments.

Quality level and Guarantees 

Usually poorly rated companies come with low prices, so at this point, there was nothing about this Masterpapers review research indicating that things could go terribly wrong with the company. After all, their prices are reasonable for good quality, definitely not cheap.

The paper we received, an essay we ordered here, was a true disappointment. The quality was outrageously bad. For a Master’s level paper, they assigned a writer with high school-level skills. This writer was definitely not a fluent English speaker or native English for that matter seeing how a lot of the content made absolutely no sense. 

We also found some plagiarism in it – 28% of it. This is not acceptable from services that offer custom, original papers and guarantee that you’ll receive one. 

The guarantees at this service are not to be trusted. Despite their lists of different guarantees that are said to include free revisions and refunds for plagiarism, we never received anything from this company. They avoided our requests for days and only delivered the free revision 8 days after. What student needs a paper that’s delayed by eight four days?

Discounts Policy Overview 

There’s a 15% discount to use on first orders, which is a bit of  a relief since the price we paid was not so expensive. However, those who order often online will not like the fact that has no regular discounts for their returning and loyal customers. It’s a really bad thing seeing how their prices aren’t attractive in the first place.

Other features of

Some of the extra features at include their VIP service, proofreading by editors, summary page, etc. These come at a finely tuned price and won’t cost you too much. You can also pay $5 to $11.99 for a better writer to ensure higher quality. Still, the risk remains big when you order from a poorly rated service. And since the quote isn’t low in the first place, there are hardly many students who’d be willing to opt for the extras.

Summary for Masterpapers Review 

Master Papers was not impressive at all. This is not a top-rated company like they say they are. The content is average at best, the prices are not cheap and don’t come with loyalty discounts, and their guarantees are scam. If things go wrong here, no one will take  responsibility or any action to repair the situation. Even if you pay extra to get the work of their best writers, there’s no guarantee that it will get you a better paper. 


  1. Seems that this service is a scam service, lot’s of positive reviews, but in the end the paper I’ve received is awful.

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