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For a service that has 56K customers, Grademiners is certainly bad-mouthed. There’s an entire page dedicated to Grademiners reviews, all of which sound impressive. But, we know better than to rely just on what a company chose to publish on their site. Regardless, we were still a bit surprised to learn that not even a quarter of the Grademiners reviews outside their pages are good. This is really not a loved service by students. Suddenly, we had low hopes for this Grademiners review. 

Grademiners Services Overview 

There are a couple of things that prompted us to give the service some points in this Grademiners review. The service list is one of them. Right on the homepage, you can check the order form to see what they offer. Expect a long list, one that has all the papers students need. offers its services to all students of all levels, and even has some extra services that can be used by other people. 

These services include their resume and CV writing offers. Apparently, they decided to take it a step forward and offer more than just academic tasks. So, you can order resumes here, CVs, get tutoring sessions, and even get business plans. Prices and payment methods overview 

The pricing table at Grade Miners is something we have seen many times before. We know this because it has the same issue as other websites did – it’s really mixed up. To get to the actual quotes, you need to pass all those numbers without deadline options and get to the actual list below. The rates are not the same on websites that have this same table, but the format, design and the deadline offers are certainly the same. Just look at sites like and you’ll see what we mean. 

There are two ways to explain this. They might have copied the list from other websites because they didn’t want to bother with creating a new one. Alternatively, you might be looking at the same company hiding behind different websites, attempting to sell more papers. After we checked everything for this Grademiners review, we are leaning toward the latter. The reputation of this company as well as the others is disastrous.

In the case with this service, the prices aren’t really low. However, they are pretty attractive, starting at $14.03 for high school level and $25.43 for PhD level. These are accompanied with some nice discounts that we’ll mention a bit later in this review. 

Grade Miners Quality level and Guarantees 

Grade miners delivered on their revision policy in our case, but regardless – our experience was truly a bad one. The paper we received came on time and had the right word count. Those were the only two good things good with it. Everything else was a disappointment.

The reason why we got a revision is because we found no less than 43% of plagiarism in the paper. It’s unacceptable and we asked for a refund, but that didn’t happen. The quality of the paper wasn’t good, either. The parts that weren’t plagiarized were poorly rewritten from the original, so it was pretty much beyond saving. 

It’s good that their guarantee for revision worked this time, but the policy is really bad. They have the right to accept or deny your request and don’t have to revise it at a set timeframe. So, we received the revision 6 days later. This would make any student miss the deadline, so what is the point?

Even when we received it the second time, it still had 34% plagiarism in it. We pointed it out, but they said that our time for revision requests is over. 

Discounts Policy Overview 

We encountered a single discount available here – the 15% for new customers. The Grademiners aren’t really low, so we honestly expected a loyalty program. However after the bad experience, we won’t really miss it considering that we won’t order here again.

Other features 

Even the order form is the same as companies like papernow. This one has slightly higher prices for their extra features, but everything else is exactly the same. We truly believe that it’s the same company behind several websites, which takes scam on an entirely different level. As for other features, they have many extras including the option to pick a better writer (didn’t work in our case), VIP package and service, etc. 

Summary for the Grademiners Review

By the end of our research, we realized that Grademiners is just one of at least two websites that the same company or creator made to sell more papers. The reputation of this service is as bad as the others, mostly because of their bad writers and the poor revision guarantee. Prices here aren’t cheap and yet, quality is below average and papers often come plagiarized.


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