Support is a service that provides academic content and other services like editing and proofreading exclusively to those who study in different academic circles. In this Essayusa review, our goal is to see what they offer, what kind of quality one can expect from them, and whether or not this is a good pick for your academic assignments. 

To establish all this, we started by checking the company’s reputation to get a peek into what our essayusa review will look like. Reading about other people’s experience is a great indicator about a company. To our disappointment, almost every essayusa review we read was bad in some way. The most frustrating part is that if you read an essay USA review on the official website of this company, you’ll only read great things – no exceptions. 

So, not only did they publish positive reviews that don’t fit the actual reputation, but they excluded any bad essay USA review altogether. This can mislead students to believe that this service is the best out there. 

EssayUSA Services Overview 

Disappointed by what we uncovered at this point, we didn’t have high hopes for essayusa. Even so, this part went really well and gave them some points. If you haven’t visited the site before, you should know that it offers just about everything. Here you can find any type of academic paper you need from small essays and articles to big research papers, dissertations, and lab reports. 

Essay USA Prices overview 

Low prices always make students tempted to make a fast decision. After a lot of reviews, we’ve discovered that prices that are excessively low are usually a bad sign. They are created this way to make people rush into buying without checking the company that offers them. 

Just like we expected after we learned about the reputation of essay USA – this service has very low rates. Here are the starting prices for different academic levels, applicable for most papers including essays and research projects:

  • $10.35 per page for high school level
  • $11.5 per page for college level
  • $12.65 per page for undergraduate level
  • $16.1 per page for Master’s level
  • $21.85 per page for PhD level

Even dissertations which are considered much more complex than essays cost the same at essay usa. Not only is their pricing too low to be realistic, but it’s also strange. Even so, learning about low rates is good news, so at this point, the company still received some points from us. 

EssayUSA Discounts Overview 

You should know this right away – there is no information on the website about discounts. We would proceed thinking that there are no special deals, but since we wanted to check their poorly rated support, we decided to ask them. On request, essayusa gives codes to new users for an 8% discount. We cannot know for sure that this is what they offer to everyone who asks. 

In terms of other deals for returning customers, they didn’t want to share any information with us. According to the support, you need to reach out to them whenever you want to order and wait to see if they’ll provide you with a code for a discount. It’s no wonder why their support is so poorly rated. 

EssayUSA Quality level 

The support was not the only disappointing thing we found about essayusa. Since we spoke to them, things started going downhill. We placed our order and realized that the writers employed at this company are not competent at all. In fact, judged by how the person they hired did our assignment, we can say that this wasn’t even a person fluent in the English language. As a company that explicitly caters to US students, they did a terrible mistake hiring people who don’t speak English fluently. 

The result of their choice was a poorly constructed paper with disastrous mistakes and many parts that didn’t make sense. When we ran it through a checker, it came up with 37% plagiarism. This is exaggerated and a reason for a refund. But, the agents decided to stop replying as soon as we sent our report and asked for a refund. We were never refunded or offered a revision, not even an apology of any kind. 


When you learn about a company’s reputation before you order, you can set your expectations based on it. We were right to think that this service won’t be any good based on the very bad things students say about them online. Essayusa did many things wrong in our case. They assigned a writer with poor writing, research, and even English skills. When we confronted their support as a means of communication with the company, they decided to not indulge in the conversation and not provide us with any kind of a solution. Because of this, we are very disappointed. 

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