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EssayHub is an online writing service, focusing mainly on essays. They provide services for high school, college and university students but they also write personal statement essays for job seekers. Besides essays, they also offer coursework writing, term papers sand research papers but also other types of academic papers. On the main website, they have an online price calculator. Unfortunately, when we tried to use it and find out the cost of an essay, the calculator would not work. This is a big minus, because all students want to find out the exact cost of their paper before actually placing an order. The website loads slowly and it takes a long time until you are able to navigate through the different pages for more information.

Services Overview

On the main page they promise to offer a wide range of writing services. However, when we checked the Services page on we could only find a few services listed. These include: Essay editing, pay for essay, Do my Homework, Essay Tutoring and Buy Essays. Essentially, they only offer a few solutions around essay writing. We consider that Essay Tutoring is an extra, or “filler” type of service. Basically, you need to pay in order to get a few ideas or coaching on how to write the essay yourself. We consider this service is completely unnecessary, but they still charge a lot for a useless type of service. Their “Buy Essay” service allows you to choose an assistant of your choice and then give them all the required information so that they can write an essay for you. In terms of services offered, their list is very poor and not well organized.

Prices Overview

When we prepared this honest and unbiased EssayHub review, we have thoroughly checked the prices they charge. Since we could not use the available online calculator, we contacted customer support representatives to find out the prices. They do not have a separate tab with the prices listed just as any top reputable online writing service would offer. College level standard writing starts at around $11 per page, but in this price there is no editing or proofreading included. If we make some quick calculations, one page with average style of writing could end up costing even $15 or more. For a 5-page essay, a student must pay around $75, plus other fees and we consider this is quite expensive.

We could only find out one single price, for the college level writing. When we asked about the prices for PhD level writing, we did not get a response. Therefore, we can say their customer service is non-responsive and the representatives are not highly professional.

Discounts Overview

Discounts are extremely important, especially for students on a limited budget. Unfortunately, this company does not welcome its customers with any type of discount such as the first order discount of 10%, or a scale based discount. Many genuine EssayHub reviews also discuss about the fact that this company does not offer any substantial discounts that would help students save on each paper. They only offer some guarantees, and these include offering 100% plagiarism-free papers, unlimited revisions, negotiable pricing and 24/7 online support.

However, we can tell for sure that the prices are not negotiable. Their prices are fixed, and they are quite expensive. Then, regarding the 24/7 online support, we can also confirm that we had to wait 6 hours until we received a response when we asked for the prices. These guarantees they state on the website are not true, and are only meant to attract students to place their orders.

Quality Level

We have placed an order so that we could check the quality level of the services offered. We asked them to write one essay, 10-pages long with main title Influential Women in US History. We provided them with plenty of resources, some quotes that should be included and many references that they should use. They missed the deadline by 7 days, and they charged us extra for very bad proofreading. The essay did not include any of the references we suggested and was very poorly written. We asked for MA level writing, but the essay was obviously written by a student in 8th grade. We were absolutely disappointed by the quality level offered, and the high price we had to pay for this essay.


After thoroughly reviewing this writing service, we can clearly say that we do not recommend their services to anyone. The quality level offered is very poor, and communication with your writer is lacking. The prices are overly expensive when compared to the low quality that you receive. We know from experience that the market is abounding in truly good quality writing services, so you should perform a thorough research and find something else. Look for a company that offers good writing solutions at affordable prices.

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