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Very Beautiful and easy to use website , but the prices are high and quality level is way to low.


First View of EssayHave

The company claims to have 580 writers working for them. This sounds satisfactory, but the issue is – we could hardly find a positive review on the Web. The website gives a wrong impression because every Essayhave review they have posted there is positive. On the Web, it’s another story. 

So, if there’s hardly any positive Essayhave review online, why would they need hundreds of writers? It seems to be a poorly rated company, one that is not very popular with students. At this point, we came to the conclusion that the website information is not to be trusted. So, we got back to our own, detailed methods for establishing their quality. Read our review to find out what happened.

Essayhave Services Overview 

Essayhave has an extensive list of paper choices, but that doesn’t affect the price whatsoever. It is a weird system, but on this website, the price doesn’t depend at all on what kind of service you offer. It comes down to what academic level you’re enrolled in and what deadline you need it done for.

Why is this weird?

It’s because a dissertation and an essay don’t usually cost the same when you order them for, let’s say, college level. Even so, the list is very long and includes dozens of choices, which gave this review some points. 

Prices and payment methods overview is relatively cheap, but not too cheap to make us doubt their expertise. The minimum rate a high school student can pay here is $15 for a page. Once again, it doesn’t matter what kind of paper or service they need. 

This price is applied to a 2-week deadline, which is not something high school students often get. For shorter, more realistic deadlines for this level, the prices are slightly higher. A week’s deadline is $18 per page. 

Undergraduates can order a month ahead as long as they’ve enrolled in their third or fourth year of study. The minimal price they can pay is $18 per page. Finally, graduates get a price of $24 per page. 

You should know that one of the downsides of this service is that they don’t have a PhD level. You can probably choose the graduate level, but that’s their Master’s level option. 

It’s peculiar for a company with almost 600 writers not to have experts for the highest level of academia. From the start, PhD students have to look elsewhere if they want to buy papers online. 

Quality level and Guarantees 

Essayhave guarantees a lot, but delivers very little. There are entire pages on the site dedicated to their many guarantees. They mention a money-back guarantee and free revisions, even a delivery guarantee. But, wait until you hear what happened when we received our order from Essayhave.

The paper came a couple of hours later. Four, to be exact. This is a big reason for a refund, at least a partial one, since it could potentially cost a client his grade. What good is a paper if it isn’t ready when you need it?

Next, we found plagiarism in it. claims to check all papers for plagiarism before sending them to customers and yet, ours had no less than 34% of copied content in it. 

And finally, it was not well written. The writer did not follow the original requests we sent in the order. Based on all of this, we first spoke to the support asking for our well-deserved revision. They didn’t give an explanation and just said that we don’t meet their guarantee requirements. Seriously?

Then, we sent a revision request via their order form as stated on the website. No one responded to this request, ever. 

Discounts Policy Overview 

This will come as a big disappointment. Essay Have does not have any discounts to offer. To the question about whether or not you can pay less at the service, they have answered that to save money, you should order ahead. This applies to all companies, so it isn’t really a special offer or helpful advice. 

Other features 

Here comes the most devastating part about this service – you can pay to get a native writer. This is something you’ll realize if you pay attention to the extra features in the order form. Apparently, they work with non-natives, which is why the quality is so bad most of the time. To get a native expert, you need to pay extra 30% on top of the quote. Without the discounts, this makes the service a really costly one.

Summary for the Essayhave Review 

Essay Have disappointed us little by little from the start. They present themselves as this big, successful company when in fact their reputation is terrible. It’s because of the no-discount policy and the fact that they assign non-native writers unless you’re willing to pay a steep price. 


  1. Looking at the website, you might think that they’re professionals, until you order essays.

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