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EssayEdge Website Overview 

Essayedge is an essay editing service available online. They promise to craft perfect essays for college, high school and university students. It is extremely important to keep in mind that they focus mainly on editing of the papers, and they cannot help with the writing process. Most students are looking for help with content writing of their essays, so this service might not be a good fit for everyone. 

As stated on their website, Essayedge editors are Ivy League graduates with plenty of years of experience in the field. Besides editing of the papers they can also help with proofreading and brainstorming of the papers. Unfortunately, we found out that the customer reviews available on their page are not realistic. In our experience, fake reviews are always an indicator of a weak service, which will not live up to the expectations of the customer. 

EssayEdge Services Overview 

Essayedge offers only a limited number of services for students. Generally, online writing and editing services offer a wide range of solutions meant to help with the academic needs of students. This company focuses on editing solutions, and also proofreading of the papers. This means that you have to write the paper yourself and then hire the services of this company in order to get the editing part done. In case you are not good at writing an academic paper you will find very little use of their services. 

The types of papers they can help with include the following: statement of purpose, personal statements, Resume and CV editing and proofreading, Cover letter editing, Letter of recommendation, and Admission essays. Unfortunately, Essayedge does not offer help with other types of papers such as research papers editing, Thesis editing, Dissertation editing or term papers editing. Students mostly need help with these types of papers for class, but the company cannot help with such types of papers. 

Prices and Discounts Overview 

In this honest and unbiased Essayedge review we will disclose to you every detail that you should know about this service. Hereby, we will inform you about the prices charged so that you will know exactly how much you have to pay for the services you need. The company offers mainly packages that you can order. 

For example, they have the Standard package that starts at $149, and includes proofreading and expert critique for your essay that is half finished or even finished. We consider their prices outrageously expensive because you need to pay $149 for only up to 600 words of proofreading. If you need proofreading for an essay between 601 and 1200 words you need to pay $199. For essays or papers between 1.801 and 2,400 words you need to pay $279. In this Essayedge review we can also disclose that their most expensive price is charged for the Premier Package, where you have to take out of pocket $529 for brainstorming help and editing of a paper between 1,801 and 2,400 words. 

Essay Edge Discounts Overview

When compiling this Essayedge review we also considered the discounts offered. We know that discounts represent an extremely important part of any service that students buy online. These discounts help students save important money on their papers. There are many services that offer first order discounts of 15%, 20% or even more. They offer such a great discounts in order to attract new customers. 

Essayedge does not offer any type of discount. They do not offer a first order discount or a scale based discount. This means that you must pay the full price for the editing or proofreading of your paper, regardless of how many orders you will place. Even if you are a loyal customer here, you will not receive even 1% discount of the services offered. There are many Essayedge reviews available online which discuss the fact that the company does not offer any help to students in the form of great deals, bonuses or discounts. Ordered Content Quality

In order to check on the quality of the services provided, we asked them to edit and proofread 2 different essays for us. For this, we had to pay about $300, and we must mention that both essays did not exceed 1,000 words. When we received the essays, we were astonished to see that they have even corrected many sentences that were properly formulated. In fact, they ruined many important parts of our essays, instead of making them grammatically correct. We also read many genuine Essayedge reviews where customers were complaining that the editors here do not have the experience they say they have online. 

The papers we received were also not correctly proofread, so we do not even understand what we actually paid for. Our in house editors concluded that their services are extremely low quality. Essayedge is a company with many inexperienced editors and proofreaders. 


We do not recommend, especially if you are looking for great quality and affordable prices. Some of the editors here may indeed have good experience in the field, but it depends in your luck regarding who will edit your paper. We had an awful experience with them, where we had to pay a lot of money on a very poorly edited paper. There are so many reputable services out there besides essay edge, so you should keep looking for the perfect service for your needs. 

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