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A dissertation is a vital part of your academic success. If you decide to create a thesis paper or a dissertation, you know the value it brings to your future. Yet, most think that writing a dissertation is only for chosen ones, but this is not true.

Websites like dissertation-service.org are offering professional dissertation writing help. With such a website, anyone can get a dissertation paper. And today, we decided to review if it is worth ordering a paper from this service.

The Dissertation-Service is extremely easy to browse. It has an attractive yet professional layout and seems to contain every detail you might need to decide if this company is right for you. Nevertheless, even if you can find everything yourself, we decided to cover this company’s services, prices, discounts and most importantly the quality of papers they deliver.

Services Overview

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task. And if you decided to roll into a thesis writing service, you need to make sure that you trust your fate to professionals. So, we think a skilled dissertation writer should be able to craft any kind of paper. And Dissertation Service website proves that. Here you can order the following academic writing services:

  • Custom essay writing of any kind.
  • Reports, reviews, articles.
  • Various assignments in a broad range of subjects.
  • Admission services for the ones who are planning to enter college or university.
  • Proofreading and editing help.
  • Courseworks and term papers writing help.
  • Presentations, speeches, and various business assignments.
  • And finally, dissertations and term papers of any kind of complexity.

It’s essential to note that the team allows you to order parts for your dissertation project to get chapters you need or the whole paper from them.

Prices Overview

When you are ordering online, the price plays a lot. Unfortunately, not all companies follow a transparent pricing model. You can face additional costs and fees during or even after your purchase when you have no choice but to continue cooperation.

Luckily dissertation-service.org follows an honest and transparent pricing model. Here the price is influenced by the paper type, subject area, number of pages, the deadline, academic level, and quality package you choose. The price per page starts at $19.99 for non-urgent writing on an undergraduate academic level.

Comparing with other services, it’s an average on the market price, and taking into account that it is a transparent pricing model, you won’t pay any extra for your paper.

Discounts Overview

What makes Dissertation Service so attractive to the students? If you are ordering for the first time, these guys have a wow discount of 17%. And if you are ordering a dissertation paper that is known to be one of the most expensive and complicated writing, this discount saves you a lot.

As for other discounts, we had not found any on the website. Yet, we talked to the support agents, and they said that the team has bonuses for loyal customers too. So, if you decided to get started with another kind of paper, you should not be worrying about your savings on the dissertation.

Quality Level

The quality check is an essential part of our dissertation-service.org review. To find out if this team is as good as their website, we placed a test order. Our test was a biology dissertation paper proposal that was due in five days. We chose premium quality and master’s level of writing. The proposal was expensive, but we used a coupon code from the website, so we saved 17% on our order.

The dissertation proposal was delivered in time, and it was excellently written. The writer followed all the instructions and was able to cover the topic of our dissertation research briefly. The writing was original, without any spelling and grammar errors. Moreover, it was evident that a native English speaker wrote the paper, so there were no linguistic mistakes.


In our dissertation-service.org review, we covered the essential aspects of this service. We discussed services, prices, discounts, and the most important quality of papers they deliver. And can say for sure that this is a fantastic team that you can trust. They offer a wide range of academic writing services with moderate but not expensive prices and a nice discount for new clients.

The quality of papers they deliver is remarkable, and the attention they pay to client needs impresses. In our review, we had not mentioned their professional support, yet, we had a chance to contact them several times, and every time someone was there ready to help. If you are looking for a reliable team, this one might be the company you are looking for.

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