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Finding a skilled writer for a bit of help during the study is not so easy as it seems to be. You need to check various websites, make orders, and finally, after wasting a lot of money, you get what you are looking for. Yet, there is another way of search, reading reviews like ours. Today, we decided to share our experiences with the team. And the first thing you should know about good service is that it cannot be cheap. 

The website of this service states that they can supply you with affordable writing from vetted academic writers. The website shares impressive stats and offers a lot of benefits. Yet, anyone can invest in a nice design or share numbers, so we are here to review this service and supply you with the details and conclusions we have. 

Services Overview 

In most cases, expert academic writing teams are providing a broad range of services to the students. So, when you decide to roll into an online service, you should pay attention to their offering. 

Let’s dig into the services Cheapest Essay provides: 

  • Academic writing. Here you can order any kind of essay, course work, term paper, dissertation, case studies writing, articles, book reviews, reports, and much more. 
  • Editing and proofreading help. You can polish up any kind of paper or article on this website. 
  • Career search help. They are offering CV and resume writing to job seekers. 
  • Paraphrasing and copywriting. You can make your content original with the help of this team. 

We had not found any details about assignments or other tasks you might have. But we assume this company offers them as well since they have other options in their order form.

Prices Overview 

Students who tried online writing services know one simple thing: never ever trust cheap writing services. Why is it so? Because the work of a professional academic writer should be compensated accordingly. Otherwise, the person will not have any interest in working. 

The Cheapest Essay is an extremely cheap company. Here price starts from $8 per page for the essay paper of college-level with the deadline of 19 days. Usually, professional teams do not offer such extended deadlines, so we decided to check how much it costs to get a paper in 10 days, and it was $10. 95 per page only. 

It looks suspicious. Usually, reliable writing teams charge more than $15 per page for high-quality writing. Nevertheless, we continued our research to form a full view of this service. 

Discounts Overview 

Discounts allow to save us money for the things important to us. Whether it is a coffee or our favorite magazine, we are always searching for discounts and coupon codes when ordering services online. 

According to the website, with the first order, you can get 15% off. Yet, we were not able to find any coupon code for this. However, it looks like it is applied automatically as your “locked price”. As for the loyalty program, the only details we couldn’t find are that somewhere under your account. There will be a discounts page that will show you how much off you can get. 

 Quality Level 

To make our review full, we decided to order an essay paper here. Our paper was about abortion laws in various countries and the main thesis why the government shouldn’t limit women’s rights. The deadline we set was six days, and the paper was incredibly cheap. 

When we got the writing, it upset us a lot. The writer tweaked our topic, and it looked like the list of facts. Moreover, after grammar and spelling check, we found a lot of errors. And plagiarism scan showed us that some of the passages were copied and pasted. 

This company disappointed us a lot, and we asked for a refund. But we have not got any so far. 


Usually, extremely cheap companies are not the best option when you are looking for expert academic writing help. The same thing is with the Cheapest Essay website. We have checked everything about this company, and we are upset with this service.

Yes, they have a broad range of writing and editing services and attractive prices and discounts. But the cheap does not always mean good, and our quality check proves that. The paper we got was an absolute nightmare, and it is evident that such paper will not bring any good to the student. Terrible errors in grammar and spelling, the changed topic, and plagiarism make us conclude that students should stay away from this writing company. 

If you are still looking for quality writing help, check other companies who offer fair, not extremely cheap prices.

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