About Alice


This page is about me, Alice Gilbert, the author of EssayReviewUniverse.

The reason why I started this website is to share my honest experiences in the world of academic writing, as well as to provide you with useful tips for getting through the hard school days.

Feel free to stalk this website – it’s absolutely free to use. My purpose was to help you find the best places to buy your papers without spending forever on trying to evaluate new services.

God forbid you start ordering based on your gut! I did this and the result was a big hole in my pocket until I finally came across some decent or good websites.

I’ve been where you are right now, struggling with papers and deadlines.

You’re not alone. And this won’t happen just once.

School is much harder today than it has ever been. Thankfully, now we have access to websites and writers who secretly create assignments that we can pass as our own. But, since not all are honest about what they do and many are risky to use, you need to be extra careful about where you request this kind of help.

I’m offering you a chance to use my experience (as well as expertise) to figure out which websites are the right pick for you. I’m a great writer, but I often needed some help to meet deadlines or write some difficult papers.

In all the years of buying papers, I’ve become somewhat of an expert of detecting frauds and evaluating quality. My mission right now is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed, smart decision.

With the help of the right service, you can meet all deadlines and impress everyone in school. Let me be the one to help you find it!