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Website Usability

123helpme is a website that helps students write essays by providing writing tools and sample research papers. Once students download them, they get inspiration and a general idea of how their work should flow.

Online tools such as the plagiarism checker and grammar checker provide recommendations so that you can make the necessary changes to your essay.

The website has a search button where the student enters the topic he needs. The site then displays content related to your topic of choice. You can then download the essay you feel best suits your needs.

Note that if you buy an essay, you only get access to the content, but ownership belongs to the author. You cannot, therefore, present the document as your original work.

Services Overview

123helpme.com has both paid and free essays though the free ones are limited. The paid papers include personal narrative, argumentative, creative writing, persuasive, informative, classification essay, self-reflective, and description essay.

It is correct to state that 123helpme is a library of essays that cover many varying topics. They include:

  • Literature: Some of the titles you will come across include Romeo and Juliet, Antigone, Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye, Hamlet, and The Odyssey.
  • Humanities: Music, sports, religion, sociology, American history, psychology, civil rights, philosophy, and social work.
  • Business: Here, you will come across the following fields economics, accounting, communication, advertising, and entrepreneurship.
  • Science: That comprises mathematics, climate change, architecture, nursing, agriculture, technology, chemistry, and biology.
  • Social issues: Some of the sub-topics you will encounter include ethics, abortion, education, gun control, child development, same-sex marriage, and the death penalty.

The website offers you a writing pad to check if your document has grammatical and spelling errors. You can copy the content from your paper and then paste it on the writing pad to confirm there are no issues. Another option would be to write your essay from scratch, use the provided online grader and transfer it later.

Prices overview

You need to pay a subscription fee which falls under three categories: quarterly fee, monthly fee, and annual fee.

The annual fee amounts to $14.95; quarterly is $29.95; the monthly payment is $39.95. Note that each of the mentioned payments is what you pay for each month you remain a member of 123helpme.com. The longer durations are cost-effective. It is therefore advisable to stick around for a more extended period. As soon as you pay, you get access to all the essays.

One primary problem students have with the site is that they make you think that accessing the research papers and essays is free, but once you click on them, they demand that you first complete the necessary payments. Note that some documents are free to download.

If you have a free trial period, ensure that you cancel it manually; otherwise, it will cost you some money.

Discounts Overview

123helpme does not offer coupon codes or discounts, even to returning clients. However, there are durations when they offer you access to an unlimited essays on the website for $2. That lasts for two days.

High chances are you might come across a paper that does not fit your requirements. The company does not offer refunds for such cases or any other. If you constantly fail to receive the quality you expect, your only option would be to cancel your membership.

Payment is fast. You do so using a credit card. That means that you become a member a short while after as soon as you subscribe and pay.

Quality Level

123helpme.com does not control the quality of the essays and research papers because anyone can upload them on the website. That shows that the documents are unreliable and high chances are they could have plagiarism errors. The best action for a student is to get a brief idea of writing their paper and seek other resources regarding the specific topic they are handling.

There are both high and low-quality essays on the 123helpme website. If you have very little knowledge about writing essays, this could be misleading if you download a poor-quality paper.

The site lacks customer support which is essential because it deals with academic writing. Therefore, if you face challenges or you need assistance, you cannot consult on the website. They also fail to provide their contact information, and reaching them necessitates that you fill a form.


Following 123helpme review, we would not recommend this company to a student because the website does not assure its clients of quality control. You cannot be sure that another student has not used the specific document you paid for and downloaded. If it is a paper your instructor will grade, you could be flagged because there are high chances of plagiarism.

Some of the essays correlate little to the student’s research topic, meaning they will not get much from the particular document. You might end up seeking other resources which may require you to incur an extra cost.

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